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Starting Small Business Basics: Choosing A Business Name!

Starting a business takes a lot of consideration, including choosing the name of your business. A business without a name is invisible to the customers. It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are if you don’t have a business name, and what name saves into the mind of customers? How can they reach or get your products or services when out of nowhere how do you look for your business?

Therefore, the significance of the business name is discussed here, including the ideas of unique and marketable business names; click to read here.

Starting Your Own BusinessChoose a unique business name!

What makes a business name unique? You can only say that a business name is unique if it is marketable. What should be considered a marketable business name? Here are the criteria for a marketable business name:

  • Original and unique name
  • Easy to remind, catchy
  • Name according to what your business offers
  • Interesting and more

These are only simple tips to create a unique brand or business name. Finding a good business name requires market research and creativity.

Business name registration

What is the significance of registering your business name? A registered business name protects your business. You would want to choose a business name that reflects the brand identity, and can confidently compete with the other same goods and services offered. After you settle on a business name you like, you have to protect it.

There are four(4) methods to register a business name. Each way of business name registration will serve a different purpose, and some are legally required depending on the business location and structure.

  1. Trademark. It protects the business at a federal level.
  2. Entity name. It protects the business at a state level.
  3. DBA. It doesn’t provide legal protection.
  4. Domain name. It will protect the business website address

Every name registration is legally independent. Most small businesses try using the same name for every kind of registration, but you are not required to do it.

Advantages of Online Business

Ways to register a business name

There are different ways to register a business name, these are:

  • Entity name
  • Trademark
  • DBA (Doing Business As) name
  • Domain name

If you are new to starting a small business, it is an advantage that you have the knowledge of the basics, without a need to become knowledgeable on it. Sooner or later, you will go through these with the assistance of a business lawyer. If not, you need to read through some helpful guides on how to build a business name and make it a licensed business operating.