Sports For The Future Of Humanity

Why We Need To Bring Back Sports For The Future Of Humanity

Back in 2000, I remember walking down the street and seeing all the kids playing together, full of happiness. Now, when I walk down the street, all I see are kids looking at their phones. The playgrounds are barren and the laughter is absent. Especially during COVID, kids were forced to stay indoors which was great news for online gaming but a very bad day for physical activities. But, the silver lining is that with the increased scrutiny about the health of kids, we are slowly going back to the good old days when each kid was involved in sports.


 The benefits of participating in such activities are abundant and attractive for people of all ages. It is not only beneficial but also provides a lot of enjoyment to the people who participate in these activities.

1. Vitamin D – One of the biggest problems of staying indoors is the absence of sunlight. Sunlight is an essential requirement for a person to receive the needed dose of Vitamin D. If a person has a low level of the vitamin, then they are susceptible to infections and weakening of the bone. Sunlight is the easiest and cheapest method to acquire Vitamin D. It is advised to receive daily sunlight of about one hour.

Sports For The Future Of Humanity

2. Teamwork – There is no better way to increase team rapport and bonding than participating in such activities. Most of these activities require people to work in teams which makes people learn how to handle and manage the teams to reach a common goal. People are forced to interact with multiple different personalities and achieve a common consensus. It helps you create lifelong bonds that will never break.

3. Exercise – Participating in such activities out there in the open, where there is clear air, does wonders for the health of all participants. Depending on the type, your body would get the exercise it requires and lose a lot of weight. It increases stamina and ensures that people are much healthier.

4. Discipline – It is a great way to bring order and discipline into your lives. The activity forces you to control yourself and think strategically. Even when the stakes are low, everyone wants to win. This feeling forces all the participants to dig deep and accomplish the goals that they have decided to accomplish.

5. Unity – Even if you are not able to participate in these activities, watching your favorite team play, especially with others can create bonds with others. Cheering for your team with others makes you feel part of something greater than yourself. It makes you feel that you also have a group that you can call your team.

With the growing usage of digital devices, it is crucial to go back to the basics. Sports have so many benefits that the absence of them is foolish to consider. For health, whether it is physical or mental, it is crucial to participate in them. The enjoyment that you can gather from them is something that will stay with you for the rest of your lives.